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A youth-run European group focused on the subjects of corporate social responsibility, zero waste, and human rights. Through the principles of non-formal education we aim to promote a fair and inclusive transition to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Zero waste

We aim on assisting individuals and entities during their journey towards sustainability, providing guidelines for a more environmentally responsible lifestyle.

What is our vision?

Civic engagement

We have an active role in the decision-making process by supporting innovative citizens and actions, conscious of their European identity  regarding sustainability, inclusion, education.


Include our environmental education techniques to your learning activities and become an active trainer of zero waste. Acquire the necessary skills to minimize your waste.


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We work across

We motivate young people to participate in our based on the thematic initiatives the European Commission sets each year, implemented through non-formal learning methods.

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We provide zero waste and sustainability events

We aim to assist entities’ journey towards sustainability, by providing guidelines and information useful for their transition. This is achieved through trainings, webinars and directing instructions mentioned in our guidebooks.

We collaborate with National and European teams. 

We are proud of our partnerships with entities, both in national and European level. Through these partnerships we have developed and facilitated numerous workshops related to the topic of low waste lifestyle.

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