About us

Who we are

Ethical Paths is a youth-run European group focused on the subjects of CSR, zero waste, and human rights. Formed in April 2019, Ethical Paths has set as a goal the incorporation and implementation of non-formal education, inclusion, environmental and E.U awareness.

The network developed by our group comprises about 500 participants from various initiatives, including our webinars, workshops, trainings, and volunteers. Ethical Paths occupies a pool of 30 volunteers and associates.

What is our vision

Our vision is that zero waste represents a fundamentally different approach, tackling the causes of waste and providing resultful solutions. Ethical Paths wishes to help the young members of its local community to acquire the necessary skills and competences to succeed in labour market by increasing their employability and develop their entrepreunerial skills. We aim at promoting intercultural awareness, develop active citizens conscious of their European identity, promote discussions about social issues regarding gender, multiculturalism, racism or environment and explore concepts and ideas about the thematics that the European Commission sets each year through art or/and other non-formal education methods.