Biodegradable plastics

Plastic waste building up in the landfills is a huge problem. The slow degradation of plastic products leads to billions of marine and terrestrial animals' death. We replace plastics with biodegradable alternatives, a much more sustainable and environmentally responsible solution.

Plastic pollution occurs during both the production and the disposal of single-use petroleum-originated plastics. After use, they end up incinerated, landfilled, littered, or recycled, processes that produce significant carbon emissions and toxic gases.

The production of bio-based plastics that can degrade in natural environments such as soil or seawater is the most cost-effective, eco-friendly, and renewable option for climate change and plastic pollution. It involves lower greenhouse gas emissions and no fossil fuel usage.

However, bioplastics have not reached their full potential to replace petroleum-based ones permanently. The need for a waste management system for bio-based products is crucial, and it can lead to the use of these wastes as resources in a circular economy. Bioplastics can be biodegradable and compostable, so consumers are informed about separating the two kinds of bio-plastic waste and making an informed disposal choice.

The upcoming limitation of single-use plastic usage may cause an increasing demand for bio-based products. For their introduction to the market, people should be provided with the knowledge needed to make an informed disposal choice because consumer behavior is an essential factor for this ecological solution's efficacy.


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