Covid-19 and HIV positive people

Indisputably, while being in this situation, high-risk groups are suffering the most. HIV positive people deservedly are rated as high-risk groups. Human rights have been limited during the pandemic, but the right to access to health care should not be restricted.

Deprioritization has been noticed also for the people who belong in the LGBTI+ community. Even the Commission of Human Rights gave a response on what is the impact of CO

VID 19 in the LGBTI+ community during the pandemic.

In Health Care Systems, there has been noticed the phenomenon of de-prioritization. Due to the given overload of health systems, the treatment of HIV positive people may be interrupted or deprioritized. That includes HIV treatment and testing.

Decisions about scaling back services should be medically-based and data-driven, and should not reflect a bias against LGBTI people or anyone in that matter.