Organic Lifestyle

Organic products have had a significant effect on consumers’ choices in the last 20 years. During the covid-19 pandemic, a boost in the sales of organic products began.

Food health issues are getting a share of peoples’ attention as everyone started cooking in their spare time and, therefore, searched more about the quality of cooking materials and examined the relation between meat and health on a new basis.

WHO has had a major role in raising consumers’ awareness about nutrition, recommending healthy food choices while reducing meat and alcohol consumption. Red meat is associated with a negative impact on health and environmental issues. Public awareness of illnesses links to animal consumption, with short-term changes in meat consumption.

The growth of the word “immunity” in google food-related searches raised to 27%. Consumers are searching more before buying and, since they decide to cook, are willing to pay more and try qualitative groceries, vegetables and fruits.

There are the right conditions for this vital turnaround to be maintained.