Covid-19 and Special Education

The field of Special Education has to deal with any problematic situations such as the lack of permanent teaching staff and the inadequate design of the educational policy in general. During the outbreak of coronavirus, Special Education was deemphasized by the government.

To be more specific, on the 21.03.2020, the Greek Ministry of Education published some helping guidelines about the implementation of distance learning in the country’s school units.

However, there was no state support for Special Education, with kids with special needs not mentioned at all, nor the way of how distance learning will work out for them.

A few days later, on 27.3.2020, Special Education’s school units are mentioned as well. The Ministry refers only to the preservation of the communication and the support between

students and teachers. The design of distance learning and consulting is up to the teachers.

In conclusion, there are concerns about the equal treatment between Special and General Education, taking into consideration the nonexistent educational programs for children with special needs in the national broadcaster.